Everything You Should Know About Programming Languages

Today, we are going to talk about computer languages. You are probably familiar with the phrase computer language, but if someone asked you to explain it to someone else, you probably couldn’t do so very easily. Namely, there are many things we know about computer languages, but there are also many things that you can learn. In order to answer all your questions will all start from the beginning, explaining some basics about computer languages.

What Is A Computer Language?

A programming language, or a computer language, is actually a constructed language. This language is used to design instructions which can be communicated to a machine. Also, a computer language makes a machine act in a certain way. Therefore, more precisely, computer languages are actually a set of instructions how to create programs. These programs can then control the behavior of a machine. This is precisely why computer languages are so tremendously important.

Are There Many Computer Languages?

As for the sheer number of computer languages, it can be said with certainty that there are thousands of computer languages that have been created so far. Moreover, new computer languages are being created every year. Needless to say, but so many computer languages are being created because there is a need to direct sets of instructions to computers and other machines.

The Most Popular Computer Languages

While there are numerous computer languages, or numerous languages that can be used for programming, there are certainly a few languages that are most commonly used and most important. These languages are the most frequently used because they provide the optimal experience with programming. Here are three computer languages that you must have heard of, if you are into programming.

The Most Popular Computer Languages

Java Programming Language

This programming language is object oriented. In other words, it has been specifically designed to have few implementation dependencies. The developers of Java developed this programming language as a way to program just about anything, and this is why it is most frequently used for programming. In addition to that, Java can also run on various platforms. It is no wonder that Java has become one of the most popular programming languages in use, and the fact that it has astonishing 9 million developers.

C++ Programming Language

If you haven’t already heard about C++, it is a programming language which is used for general-purpose programming. Like Java, C++ is also object oriented, and one of the most common generic programming languages. Basically, it is incredibly important because it provides facilities for low-level memory manipulation. This programming language has been used in various context, such as developing entertainment software, but also programming desktop applications, as well as servers.

C Programming Language

As for the C programming language, it includes structured programming, as well as lexical variable scope. The design of this programming language allows for it to be used as a way to map many applications, as well as operating systems and applications software. Originally, it was developed by Dennis Ritchie, somewhere around 1970. However, ever since it has been developed it has been used and currently has the reputation of being one of the most widely used programming languages of all times.


Author: Terry Mansfield

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