Sisel is for winners

Hi!  Welcome to my Sisel website.  Bare with me, I’m in the process of hiring a web designer to make it look better.  But rest assured, the appearance of my dinky site shouldn’t reflect how AWESOME this Sisel Opportunity really is.

Allow me to explain please…

Future Sisel reps prepare yourself!

Prepare yourself to be blown away from the amazing benefits you’ll learn more about once you join this amazing opportunity!  At first I thought, “well what’s really so special about Sisel compared to other companies out there?”

I’ll tell you what got me.Sisel and Sisel International is so exciting

Their compensation plan is not something to mess with!

They have over 200 products, and all of them are chemical free!  Also, Sisel leads with some incredible products that can actually help your health and well being.  Now, not sure if we can really SAY that because of laws, but I’ll tell you what you CAN do!  Go and look up some of the ingredients they have on their site and then just go to pubmed.

They will reveal ALL the scientific studies that will make you feel at ease knowing your not only joining an awesome company, but a company that cares about its customers!

The video above is just a taste of what you can expect to find from all the many products that Sisel provides for it’s reps.

As cool as the compensation plan and products are, the best part I feel is the opportunity.  But be careful!  A lot of people out there will tell you that it’s easy to see success, and it can be for some people.  But for others out there, its going to take a little bit more ingenuity to see success.

That’s why I joined Mikes team.  He is a marketing mastermind, dedicated to helping all of his reps to market the Sisel opportunity successfully.

If you want to learn more about the process we teach on the team, and learn more about our team leader, you can find out more information on Michael and his Sisel International training on his linkedin at

So you on the team!